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IN MEMORY - Condolences to family and friends

4-12-2018 We received Beste casino bonus news that Victor Colvin passed away. Vic got into the Club in 1990 with a speed of 260.599. Vic was also in the El Mirage 200 MPH Club at 224.943 in June of 1990. Lucas is a professional kart driver who is ready to change category, he has a dream of becoming a Tourism category driver, and his greatest inspiration is his grandfather who was a multi-champion of Nascar. But that dream can be more difficult than he imagines, because two incidents can disrupt his story, which make him rethink about his future. Is it worth it to continue?

3-26-2018 We are sad to report another passing. Joe Ledford joined the club in 2006 with a speed of 206.608. He is not skilled with words, much less agile in his movements, but he drives like a son of a bitch. A mysterious guy, known only as a driver, is a stuntman for auto scenes in Los Angeles. But not just a stuntman, he's the best at what he does. As Hollywood fees alone are not enough, Piloto ends up becoming a getaway driver, and on spela slots this direct route to confusion, after an unsuccessful theft and with a suitcase with thousands of dollars, Piloto engages in a mind-boggling hunt in which he is the target. An engaging and electrifying story of a stuntman and his double life in the world of crime.

2-26-2018 Roy R.Fjastad passed away. Roy was a past president of the 2-Club and was honored to serve. He entered the club in 1989 with a 226.975 mph record. Roy was a good man, may he rest in peace.

1-29-2018 Jim Mederer passed away. Jim became a member in 1995 with a speed of 242.002. RIP

1-24-2018 Bob Duncan passed away. Bob entered the club in 2006 with a speed of 201.477. God Speed. Ferrari red has always been synonymous with speed. Your Cavallino Rampante is a guarantee of excellence, luxury and performance. Much less well known is the man behind the brand. Enzo Ferrari. Genius? Tyrant? Despot? In 1991, the first definitive biography of one of the most powerful and enigmatic men of the 20th century was released - Enzo Ferrari. Brock Yates delved deep into the life of the Modena businessman and revealed a lot about the man behind the world's largest sports car company. From his troubled relationship with his illegitimate son to the brilliant marketing that made Ferrari what it is. Fast, fun, scandalous and informative, Ferrari: The man behind the machines does more than live up to his remarkable fame. For almost seventy years, Enzo Ferrari dominated an automobile empire that defined the world of high-performance cars and which remains solid to this day. But was the Modenese, as revered in Italy as the Pope, the benign Padrone portrayed by the press that idolized him, or just a ruthless despot who led his team to the edge of madness? Ferrari, the definitive biography of Brock Yates, has penetrated the shiny and flawless varnish of Ferrari. With that, he revealed the truth behind Enzo Ferrari's power relations and his fanatical obsession with speed. Its publication sparked both the fury of admirers of the company's founder and the acclaim of historians. This new edition, Ferrari: The man behind the machines, unpublished in Brazil, adds crucial information about the company's trajectory after the founder's death. In addition, the reader will have access to analyzes of the economic relations that Ferrari has developed over the years and new incredible and unpublished photos. An essential biography for every admirer of the most famous car brand in the world.

1-21-2018 Sadly we have lost another member of the club. Gary Allen became a member in 2002 with a speed of 236.768. Gary Nätcasino also served as past President of the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association. Pursued as an obsession by high-performance athletes, victory is a desire of every human being in search of the meaning of life: everyone wants to be victorious, recognized and respected for what they achieve and do. For simple mortals, victory does not pass of a dream that others fulfill and we watch on TV. There is only one place on the top step of the podium and it is already occupied by the champagne-soaked champion. And you, who have never been in the spotlight or deserved the applause of the crowd? How to be victorious in a world where only the first place becomes famous, even without knowing the true meaning of victory or of life itself? Looking for answers, Alex Dias Ribeiro did not escape the irresistible urge to expose the assembly of his puzzle in the search meaning for your life, in the certainty that the fitting of many of your pieces will help you find the place of yours.This book talks about victory at your fingertips, to help you face the storms of life, overcome the defeat, overcome depression, declare fear and become “more than winner” in the only race that cannot be missed: the race of life. “I never thought that a housewife could have so much in common with the Formula 1 drivers until the day I read this book. ” MARIA APARECIDA YOSHIMA “Victory involves a series of external factors: good car, strategy, teamwork, psychological preparation, etc. When you get to it, it's more than normal. But when you lose, you realize and feel: the defeat is much stronger than the victory. ” NELSON PIQUET “Winning is the goal of everyone who competes. To win a victory is to win what you want. It can be on a track, or at home with the children and the family. ”

1-18-2018 We are sad to report another passing. David Casteel entered the club in 1991 with a record of 258.378. He later entered into the 300 Chapter with a speed of 305.607.

1-17-2018 With sadness we report the passing of Gary Heffner. Gary entered the club in 2010 with a speed of 220.953 and later updated his speed to 240.558.

12-3-17 Dennis McNeil passed away on November 24th. Dennis was 54 years old and got in the club in 2008 with a speed of 266.426. He later upped the record to 273.393 MPH. Rest in peace Dennis. The story slot machine a sous gratuit begins with the autocratic but brilliant Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988), who discovered auto racing as a boy in a rural Italy, beginning his career as a driver and creator of exotic cars under the seal of his own name. The work also shows Dino, his son who died tragically at a young age, but who left an important legacy, which is still present today in the team. The book tells how, even after years of Enzo Ferrari's own death, the company still keeps its spirit alive, both in the best cars on the market and in the most successful Grand Prix name in the history of motorsport. Ferrari's big little book is richly illustrated with 127 photos of the Ferrari brand's journey to the present day, with interesting passages from Enzo Ferrari's life since his birth, his entry into the prestigious Alfa Romeo (where he stayed until 1929), the emergence from Scuderia Ferrari, the creation of the emblem (the Prancing Horse), the drivers, the most important street and racing cars, the successful Ferrari style and model, engine engineering details, among many other information. The back cover of the Brazilian edition brings the photo of Brazilian driver Felipe Massa, winner of the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix (2006). The book was fully printed in 4 colors, on coated paper, with a hard cover and dust jacket.

12-3-17 Albert Turner passed away in September. Albert got in the 2-club in 1992 with a record speed of 221.238. RIP Albert. 1976 will always be remembered by Formula 1 lovers as one of the most exciting in the history of the sport. Two drivers shared the spotlight - Englishman James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda - and the championship lead was contested point by point. When the 1975 season ended, Hunt was out of Formula 1, his contract with Hesketh Racing had ended and there was no prospect of a new deal. However, his luck changed when Emerson Fittipaldi terminated his contract with McLaren, and the team began desperately looking for a new driver. A womanizer and handsome, Hunt had a personality completely opposite to that of champion Niki Lauda, ​​who would be his biggest rival. Determined, Lauda, ​​passionate about motorsport since childhood, went against the wishes of his family and got into the sport. A Ferrari driver since 1974, he had been champion of the 1975 season, and was nominated as a favorite for the following year's title. The 1976 championship had sixteen races, which were among the most epic in the history of Formula 1 - the champion was only known at the last Grand Prix, on the wet tracks in Japan. Fame, money, women and sex. Accidents, mechanical and human failures. That year, on and off the tracks, the lives of the two protagonists of this dispute would run at high speed. Race for glory is a great story about the contrasting life of these two racers: James Hunt, hedelmäpelit legendary conqueror and star on and off the tracks, and the extraordinary Niki Lauda, ​​who survived one of the most serious accidents in the history of motorsport.

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