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Updates on the Bonneville Salt Flats
The newly formed Utah Alliance is coordinating with Save
the Salt and promoting a salt reclamation plan. To understand better what has been taking place at the Bonneville Salt Flats, look at the following links.
The Changing Bonneville Salt Flats video
More information at Save the Salt and also Utah Alliance Save the Salt
Two New Board Members: After 15 year of service on the 2-Club board, Pat Kinne has stepped down and Jon Meyer volunteered to step in. Long time board member Scott Guthrie has turned his position over to club member John Levie. Pat and Scott have worked closely together on the motorcycle minimums. A big Thank You to Pat Kinne and Scott Guthrie for their service.
New Club Members for 2014: There are 3 new members; Allen Levie, entering the club at 215.614 MPH, Steve Nelson at 201.804 and Valerie Thompson at 208.812. Another success story is longtime 200 MPH Club member, Jeff Strasburg, who got in the 300 MPH Chapter as he bumped up the record from 329 MPH to 337.043 MPH.

IN MEMORY - Condolences to family and friends

11-3-15 Club member Jack Harvey passed away in late October. Jack got in the club in 2004 at 223.097 MPH. God speed.

11-3-15 One of the original members of the 2-Club, Joe Mabee, has passed away at 84. Joe got in the club in 1953 at 201.100 MPH at the age of 22. Joe passed in early October. RIP

8-21-15 We are sad to say that Otto Ryssman passed last night. Otto was one of the Original 5 charter members of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club with a record of 222.57 in 1952. A true legend of the sport.

6-9-2015 - Tom Bryant has passed. Tom became a member of the 2-Club in 1990 with a speed of 217.236. Tom had raced at Bonneville & El Mirage as far back as the 1950's and was president of the SCTA for awhile and also was a member of both the El Mirage And Bonneville 200 MPH Clubs. The club's condolences to the Bryant family.

5-12-15 Club member Leon Griffith has passed away. Leon got in the club in 1968 with a record speed of 244.410. May he rest in peace.

2-24-2015 Bonneville 200 MPH Club member Andy Sills passed away yesterday in a motorcycle accident. He was elated to become a member in 2013 with a speed of 222.274. He will truly be missed.

2-22-2015 Very sad to learn that Earl Wooden has passed on. Earl entered the club in 1996 at 256.149 MPH and entered the 3 Chapter in 2004 at a speed of 364.761 MPH. Earl served as a 200 MPH board member from 2003-2008. Rest in peace Earl.

1-5-2015 Condolences to the family and friends of Carl Cook. Carl was inducted in the 2-Club in 2006 with a speed of 235.850.

Jack Harvey
Joe Mabee
Otto Ryssman
Tom Bryant
Leon Griffith
Andy Sills
Earl Wooden
Carl Cook
Lionel Pitts
Larry Lindsley
Tim Rochlitzer
Robert Kehoe
Gil Ruiz
Andy Granatelli
Don West
Dick Russell
Frank Silva
Ken Kelley
Don McBride
Don Allen
Mike Waters
Jim Short
John Edmunds
Willie Glass

Neil Thompson
Randy Bowyer
Max Lagod
Clark ' Butch' Phillips
Roland Gravel
Phil Freudiger
Ed Hegarty
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