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New Club Members for 2014: There are 3 new members; Allen Levie, entering the club at 215.614 MPH, Steve Nelson at 201.804 and Valerie Thompson at 208.812. Another success story is longtime 200 MPH Club member, Jeff Strasburg, who got in the 300 MPH Chapter as he bumped up the record from 329 MPH to 337.043 MPH.
OOPS!! A dues reminder went out in the mail last week. It was sent to all members by mistake. Please disregard the reminder for those that are current on dues. (9-2-14)
July Club Newsletter Read all about plans for SpeedWeek and the club events taking place. Click Here to read newsletter.
Now available "Exclusively" to Bonneville 200 MPH Club members...the Bonneville 200 MPH Club Neon Sign. This illuminated sign features 4 colors of neon; white "Bonneville", red "200 MPH Club", yellow "Life Member", and blue border. The dimensions of the sign are approximately 38" x 54" and the purchase price is $3000., plus shipping and crating. Again, the sign is only available to verified 2-Club members.
Also available is an unilluminated version on a rigid aluminum material (aluminum on each side with resin in the middle) for $400, and again only to verified members. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SIGN
To place an order call 713-748-6600 or email Don Jones—


10-1-14 With sadness we report the passing of Lionel Pitts. Lionel got in the 2-club in 1988 at a speed of 228.214. May he rest in peace.

9-22-14 The club was notified of the passing of Larry Lindsley. Larry entered the club in 1971 with a record of 204.779, he later joined the 300 MPH Chapter with a record of 308.517.

9-15-14 Very sad news that long time member Tim Rochlitzer has passed. Tim got in the club in 1963 at 224.621 mph. To view comments from fellow racers click HERE.

8-13-14 We received an email from his friend that Robert 'Bob' Kehoe has passed. Bob got into the 2-Club in 1970 at 205.206 mph. RIP Bob.

2013 It was brought to our attention that member Gil Ruiz passed away. Gil entered the 2-club in 1970 at 212.58 mph.

Our condolences to family and friends of members who have recently passed on;

Lionel Pitts
Larry Lindsley
Tim Rochlitzer
Robert Kehoe
Gil Ruiz
Andy Granatelli
Don West
Dick Russell
Frank Silva
Ken Kelley
Don McBride
Don Allen
Mike Waters
Jim Short
John Edmunds
Willie Glass

Neil Thompson
Randy Bowyer
Max Lagod
Clark ' Butch' Phillips
Roland Gravel
Phil Freudiger
Ed Hegarty
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